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Some events happened in January-March
Boys team attends Jr. High Basketball Tournament in Edmonton
STARLAB at Misbah School
G4 Field Trip to Wildwood Golf Course
G4/5 Field Trip to SaskTel Centre
G8 Fundraising
G4 visit of Cyntia Block, ward councillor
G1 and G2 Field Trip to Eastview Bowl
Art Education for G3/G4 by Remai Art Center
Field Trip to Western Development museum
G8/9 Skiing trip
G8/9 Canadian Light Source, Saskatoon
G3 Garden-Experience at Prairieland Park
Islamic Art Club Starts Ramadan Preparations
G4 Ag Scientist visiting
SMS Newsletter March 2017 (see google calendar)
G8 Rubiks Cube Club Meetups

April 14th: Statutory Holiday-No School
April 17-21th: SPRING BREAK(No School for Students and Staff)

May 19th: No School for Staff and Students
May 22nd: Victoria Day (Statutory Holiday)

April-May events, field trips
G3-4 Bowling, Eastview Bowl
PK/KG/1/4 Forestry Farm visit
G6 Robotic show
Twin Day
G6 Lets Talk Science Challenge, competition at U of S
G6 Phys. Ed. N. Battleford Blue Mountain Adventure
G3/4 Math Games in Classroom
G5 Western Development Museum Trip
G4 Literacy for Life Conference at U of S
G5-9 Board Game Meetups at Tuesdays
Ramadan Food Drive

June 9th: School operations /PD/Planining (No school for Students)

June 22th PS and KG Graduation Ceremony (11:00 AM)
June 26th EID Mubarak (No School for Students)
June 27th EID Carnival
June 29th Last Day of School for Elementary Students and G1-7 Closing Ceremony (9-10.30 AM)
June 30th Last Day of School for Staff

June Events
KG-G2 Childrens Festival
G1/2 CJs Play and Climb in Warman

August 28-31th School Operating/Opening/Planning PD
September 4th Labour day (Stat Holiday)
September 5th First Day of School-class begin

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