Muslims are carving a niche for themselves in this land, and Islamic schools play a critical role in helping our children maintain their Islamic identity rather than becoming lost in the proverbial melting pot. Anyone involved in this pioneering effort (as board, staff, parents, or students) should feel a great sense of honor. Be persistent and work hard. Some day soon, Insha Allah, full-time Islamic schools will be beacons and models of excellence in education. With Allah's help and guidance, and your dedication, we will achieve this vision.

With the help and blessing of Allah (SWT), Saskatoon Misbah School Inc. is experiencing changes of great magnitude - changes that will strengthen it. A new spirit is creeping in our school's culture, a spirit of hard work, commitment and determination. Teachers, parent volunteers and supporters are coming forward to strengthen our school, launching initiatives to serve our students' learning and growth. While our financial resources are limited, our determination to overcome these hurdles is not. Our teachers, parents, and Board members are trying to prevail over these hurdles-and prevail they will, Insha Allah. I am inviting you to get involved and help this Islamic educational project with whatever you can. By helping, you will get reward from Allah (SWT) and credit for the success of SMS, and you will also rejoice in the success of your child in the future

Saskatoon Misbah School Inc. is a growing organization and still in flux. I have by the grace of Allah (SWT) seen the fruits of this school. To our students I say, be a strong role model, serve your community and make paradise your destiny. Your parents and this community have spent tremendously to educate you. To our parents, jazakAllahu khayran for your support and involvement in making the school a success. To our teachers, I say you are the heart of the school and I know how difficult teaching can be. I ask Allah (SWT) to bless you for making this next generation a reality.